Lake View Gite

  • Sorry no pets

  • No smoking of any kind in the Gite

  • We have a septic tank not mains so only toilet paper to be put down the toilet

  • No bleach or harmful chemicals to be used

  • No bedding, towels or throws to be taken outside the Gite or to the beach

  • All rooms to be left clean and tidy as you would expect to find them

  • No children to be left in the Gite or on the property on there own (if you go out shopping, sightseeing, etc. the children will have go with you)

  • Children are not allowed to light the log burner in the Gite or to put logs on it

  • Children to be supervised at all times near water by an adult

  • Children under 16 years of age are not allowed to fish on the top lake

  • BBQ's to be done on the patio only by adults 

Lake rules

  • Absolutely NO sacking, keep nets, or retaining of fish allowed 

  • 2 rods per person

  • Line tubing to be used

  • No rods to be left unattended AT ANY TIME

  • No braided main line, No fixed or bolt rigs 

  • Minimum 15lb main line

  • BARBLESS HOOKS ONLY, No bent or long shank hooks, Rotary rigs,(max size 6) Checks will be made

  • Please make sure that your fishing tackle is capable of catching large Carp

  • ONLY Bait & Particles purchased from us to be used, you will NOT be allowed to use your own, so please do not bring them

  • No nut baits of any kind to be used

  • No fires or BBQ on the bank, all litter to be put in bins provided, no cigarette ends to be left on banks

  • No swimming in the lake and DO NOT use bank as a toilet

  • No children under 16 years of age to fish unaccompanied or left unsupervised by the lake at any time, they must have an experienced angler with them, we cannot take responsibility for there safety.         Water is dangerous          


  • Only unhooking mats, weigh slings, landing nets supplied by us to be used

  • Mat & slings to be wet before use, bucket supplied

  • Always hold fish over the mat, DO NOT STAND UP WITH FISH to take photo's

  • Do not leave fish unattended on unhooking mat

  • All fish to be returned to the lake ASAP

  • Carp care/antiseptic kit to be used at all times where necessary, please make sure that you have one

  • Use sling to return fish to lake with care



  • Various boilies,s/l & frozen

  • Pop ups

  • Pellets

  • Our partial blend


The lead member of the group (i.e. the person that booked the holiday) is responsible for all actions of other members in the group.  Any angler/person in your group found not respecting any of the above rules (which are for everyone’s benefit, including the fish) the whole group will be ask to leave without compensation, these rules are not open for discussion.

Please make sure you have adequate travel insurance